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let's not take ourselves too seriously.

Okay, okay. Actually, I take a lot of things seriously, but when I go online to sing, it’s all about warming up and experiencing the music in the moment. You’ll see I don’t take myself too seriously with this, but if you want to get a feel for my singing voice, here are some examples. Most of these were recorded with the first take. In some of these songs, I might giggle at the audacity of the background singers, or my own ineptitude. Sometimes I've just rolled out of bed, or it's hours past when I should have rolled INTO bed. It's all a blend of serious & fun :)

rainbow connection
closest thing to crazy
under your spell
I Dreamed a Dream
under the boardwalk
to make you feel my love
both sides now
the story
strange and beautiful
i who have nothing tom jones
that i would be good
nobody's darlin but mine
constant craving
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